Control siren tamper alert?

Just got my GC2 4G module installed with Surety, just wondering In the settings how do I resolve this

Hmm, I don’t remember seeing that particular error. However as it is specifically calling out the siren I would physically power down the system by unplugging the transformer from its outlet, then unplug the internal battery. Unplug the siren wires (red and black pair with white connector) and reinsert them firmly in place.

Power up the panel, does this error come back?

As far as having a separate Syrene I do not have it’s only internal Syrene that’s why I feel like it’s in the settings this didn’t come up the last time I was playing with it and I change some of the settings and now it’s coming up


Did you try the steps I recommended above? The siren connector in the panel may be loose.

I am referencing the internal siren, not an external one.

It was either 86 or 21 now after going through this I have set something else wrong and now it’s saying console phone line failure.

Ok resolved that with number 08 and hopefully last
As I watch the system’s cell radio status I am noticing the connection status … switch from connected to idle to. Trying to connect all within 30 seconds and it keeps doing it. Also seeing radio status go from green yellow red and back to green will provide photos. Thank you sir

Apologies for the delay, but it looks like this question was answered elsewhere. It is normal to see the fluctuation between idle/connected.

Pings have successfully been sent to your module and your system is signalling and reporting low registration times. It will take a while to get an average signal strength rating.

Yes sir thank you so much