Control Panel Settings via Web Browser Page

In the system settings web page, there is a section called:
Control Panel Settings
View and update advanced panel settings.

When I choose this option, the only setting which can be configured is the WiFi network (which is already connected and working properly).

Is this really the only control panel setting which can be configured here? Or is something preventing the “advanced panel settings” from being displayed to me?

I am logged into the Surety and site with my Master account, so it should have permission to get to everything, right?

That is a new section in settings and the only option at this time is Wifi management for compatible systems.

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Thank you for clarifying, much appreciated.

Adding on here…. Is it normal for the app to show wifi not setup but at the qolsys iq4 panel wifi is/was definitely setup ?

I am not seeing that error on your account. Can you send us a private message with a screenshot of the message you see?