Contract up with Vivint and VERY interested

I was a Vivint customer, gave them my 30 day notice and will no longer be a customer in a couple of days.

I wanted to use the existing equipment in my house rather than going with another company and getting new stuff and possible contract. I really want to have no contract, and save money in the process. I was really excited when I came across your website.

I’m assuming I need to buy this:

This is the information on my touch screen panel:
Firmware version 1.6
Build 6643
ADC 6605
Z Wave Linear 2.78

Can anyone give me any guidance? Will this work with all my current Vivint equipment (garage door pad, door lock keypad, sensors, thermostat, smoke alarms,…) All worked properly with my Vivint system.

Do I need to get any information from Vivint themselves? If so, are they required to supply this to me or am I going to have to argue to get it?

Thanks in advance

Glad to hear you’re interested in service with suretyDIY. You’re absolutely correct, the Vivout Freedom Quickstart kit is what you will need to get your old Vivint system setup with us. It will come with a new unlocked cellular module that we will use to create a new account. Additionally, it will come with a firmware update cable. You will need this to get up to newest firmware on the panel in order to use the new cellular module. It will also come a month-to-month subscription for suretyDIY Gold Interactive service. You will need Gold Interactive in order to maintain control of your Z-Wave devices.

All you need to do is update the firmware, install the new module into your 2GIG panel, and follow the instructions in the email we will send after you place your order. After that, your system will be up and running with suretyDIY monitoring it for you and you will be free of that other company.

Did you send an ACH revoke authorization letter and NOC letter to your financial institution?

If not, be prepared to continue being billed by Vivint (even if you successfully manage to cancel). Vivint is notorious for continuing to bill canceled accounts, and for alledging they never received cancelation/NOC letters.

Here is the NOC/ACH revoke letter (send it cert mail to Vivint, and a copy to bank/credit card company):

In the copy you send to financial institution attach a signed cover letter titled “Notice to Stop all payments to Vivint/APX Group Holdings” which includes your bank /credit card account number that Vivint draws funds on. This is required under federal law to allow your financial institution to permenantly refuse payments to Vivint if/when they attempt to pull funds, or for you to dispute any unauthorized payments.

If you are running firmware 1.6, you do not have the new panel features/functionality or fixes. Current firmware version is 1.10.1

To switch monitoring you will need to update firmware to support the new 3G cellular modules (your current module is 2G and discontinued)

The viviout package offers a 3G Verizon CDMA module, (unless this has been changed and you can now select from either AT&T or Verizon). You might want to check your coverage area to see what module you need. Most likely your current module is T-Mobile or AT&T.

For more info, and “how to” takeover a Vivint panel, see:

I emailed and sent a certified letter. We called yesterday and verified that we were cancelled. I also sent a letter to my bank as well. My bank called me back after they received the letter and said if they charge me they have the documentation for taking the money back. So I think I’m good in that department.

Also, thanks for all the information Jay and Rive. I will order this tonight and choose between Verizon and At&t. What is this firmware 1.10.1? In the video I watched it talked about 1.96 and 1.97.

Also, I have this:

Do I need anything special for this?

No to the 2GIG-PAD1

1.10 and 1.10.1 and added many fixes, improvements and zwave/lock enhancements, support for image sensor pir Infared cameras (the new camera enabled motion detectors), etc

Here is a summary:

V1.8 included TS1 touch panel support (replaced PAD1 keypads), fixes for the XCVR2, and 2way voice, silent arming and backlight off control, zwave fixes, usability improvements and enhancements, canadian-french language support, installer/configuration enhancements, etc.

V1.9.6 includes bug fixes, minor updates to 1.9.4/1.9.5 which enabled 3G ADC ( cellular modules, etc. (v1.9 added new support for sensors like dbell1, and smkt3, UI changes, 32 User codes, schlage lock support, zwave fixes, etc)

V1.10 adds Image Sensor capability, zwave lock motorized deadbolt Schlage capabilities/fixes, and support for zwave (Q90 energy feature) meter, and cellular module support ( Q91 radio modem supplier) for Telguard and Uplink celluar modules, minor bug fixes, UI changes, etc

V1.10.1 adds support for 2GIG GC3GA-T (AT&T) 3G Cell Radios, and associated Telguard remote services, more zwave lock support/fixes (e.g., scenerio where lock codes were being removed after system configuration changes), minor spanish language fixes, etc

Thanks for the info. Does it matter if I use the Verizon module versus the AT&T module? I don’t see it as an option to switch between the two on this package. I have Verizon for my cell phone and don’t have any issues with the exception of an occasional dropped call in the house.

Did you not check your location? Cellphone is 4G/LTE, panel module is 3G only.

Check module coverage:

Got it. Thanks. I didn’t know they had a coverage indicator. I placed my order. They waive the activation fee and I get the first month free. Very nice! Thanks for all your help. If I need to know anything else let me know.