Contol Panel Firmware Update

Hi All

I purchased my 2Gig system July 2013 and am running the same firmware, v1.9, since. I have the update cable and was thinking of upgrading. My question is what are the enhancements and are there any issues that I should be concerned with after the update. I have not had any problems on the current firmware, but figured I may want to update.


Since firmware v1.9…

See firmware version history (3G cellular module support (2G cell modules discontinued/carrier support ending soon), a lot of zwave lock fixes, support for zwave meters, support for the new PIR motions with built in infared camera capabilities, bug fixes, language, support for telguard and Uplink cellular modules, etc)

These are the V1.10.1 firmware release notes.

The highlights include:

V.1.10.1 release:
• Support for the 2GIG-­GC3GA-­T 3G cell radio and associated Telguard remote services.
• A fix for the scenario where Z‐Wave lock codes were being removed after system configuration change.
• Minor Spanish language corrections.

V.1.10 release:
• Image Sensor support
• Schlage lock support

V.1.9.6 release:
• Support for CDMA radios

V.1.9.5 release:
• CDMA Cell Radio Support
• POTS Line Seizure Improvem
• Dealer Control of Backlight Feature

V.1.9.2 release:
• Mute Audio When Idle
• Cell Radio Reliability on Battery Backup
• Manufacturability Enhancements

Looks like Linear screwed up that PDF update summary. Its inaccurate…(doesn’t even mention HSPA 3G cell modules (or perhaps they think CDMA and HSPA are the same?), or zwave metering support, etc)

the HSPA 3G cell radio support was added v1.9.5
3G CDMA cell radio support was added v1.9.4

3G radios had minor updates in v1.9.6

Backlight always on option (Q89) I think was added in later versions of v1.9, but I don’t remember if it was v1.9.6 or not

Summary of firmware updates:

v1.8 (and subsequent updates) included TS1 touch panel support, fixes for the XCVR2, and 2way voice, silent arming and backlight off control, zwave fixes, usability improvements and enhancements, canadian-french language support, installer/configuration enhancements, etc.
V1.9.6 includes bug fixes, minor updates to 1.9.4/1.9.5 which enabled 3G ADC ( cellular modules, etc. (v1.9 (and subsequent releases) added new support for sensors like dbell1, and smkt3, UI changes, 32 User codes, new chimes, zwave sirens, schlage/Yale lock support, zwave fixes, etc)
V1.10 adds Image Sensor capability, zwave lock motorized deadbolt Schlage capabilities/fixes, and support for zwave (Q90 energy feature) meter, and cellular module support ( Q91 radio modem supplier) for Telguard and Uplink celluar modules, minor bug fixes, UI changes, etc
V1.10.1 adds support for 2GIG GC3GA-T (AT&T) 3G Cell Radios, and associated Telguard remote services, more zwave lock support/fixes (e.g., scenerio where lock codes were being removed after system configuration changes), minor spanish language fixes, etc

Does the TS1 have to have exact matching firmware to pair with the main panel? I have a TS1 with v1.10 and the main panel is v1.10.1 but it doesn’t seem to be pairing.

It should be that as long as it is the same base firmware version (1.10 for both) then it should pair just fine. That is how it worked with all previous firmware versions that I am aware of. So 1.10.1 for a panel would work with 1.10 TS1.

Is this the first TS1 you have added to your system? If so, make sure that you have replaced the transceiver inside the panel with the 900MHz Transceiver used for the TS1 and Image Sensor communication.

Thank you. The issue was I had to reboot the main panel before it accepted the 900mhz transceiver.