Console Tamper

I have an acknowledged alert on the console that I can’t seem to clear. It’s not causing any issues but I have the yellow exclamation mark with a triangle and when I click on that it says “Console Tamper” Acknowledged with date etc…

Is there a way remove this easily? The console tamper alert was a result of me installing a wired siren.


Wiring up a siren shouldn’t have any effect on the tamper. There is a tamper button at the inside top of the panel. I would make sure that your panel is closing up properly so that the button gets depressed. There should be a light blue rubber cover on the tamper button.

So in this attached picture, if this yellow triangle is showing that means the tamper button is not depressed properly?

Jay, is there a way I can send you a private message?

If, when you press the triangle, the error message that gets displayed is console tamper, then yes, that is generally what it means. Please send all emails to