Console Tamper anyway to bypass remotely to arm?

So I keep getting console tamper messages and curious if I can bypass the console tamper so I can still arm and not get calls on it? I have disable push notifications as they were annoying. It will be a few weeks before I will return to the location of that system to check tamper switch. It is attached to the back plate, though something must be blocking/messing with it.

It looks like there is likely a physical issue with that tamper switch. It is actually tampering and resolving itself repeatedly right now.

One thing you could do is disable all panel tamper alerts. This is Q71 in programming. If you are unable to reach the location we can also send this as a remote command to disable all panel tamper alerts. Let me know in reply!

Hey Jason,

Yes please, can you send the remote command to disable it.

By Physical issue are you saying its broke? Which may need a new panel?


I have sent commands to your system to disable tamper alerts. Please allow 10 minutes or so for those to complete.

By physical I don’t necessarily mean it is broken, but it may be loose, the panel back-plate may not be secured or something may be putting pressure on it, or the rubber cover for the tamper switch may be loose or missing.