Considering switching to surety

I’m considering switching to surety, but have a couple of questions.

I currently have a Qolsys panel with another provider. Judging on everything I see, it’s rather easy to switch over to you. Is this correct?

For monitoring, I see you have a coop that you use. Are they independent of, or are they fed through

What are the average response times if an alarm is tripped? How long until I get notified, and how until authorities are notified?

Thank you in advance.

Everything goes through for cellular monitoring/dual path wifi/broadband. Reponse times for ADC/central station and local jurisdictions where previously discussed.

See “response times to alarms”

Further info on Suretycam central station:

Our central station is independent of The central station is always associated with the provider (like us), not with The provider packages the central station with the back-end servers to make the complete service.

It should be very easy to switch as soon as your old provider deletes your account. We can’t add your panel to a new account until it’s been deleted from the old account. You can see when you panel is ready (deleted from your old account) here:

Ryan & Rive,

Thank you for the info. My qolsys was never registered w After reading the links, how can I tell if there is a dealer delay on my system? Is it internal w livewatch (current provider) or is it programmed on my qolsys?

My qolsys was never registered with

Livewatch uses for its qolsys panels.

If you have cellular or WiFi connectivity then you have registration. The Qolsys cell modules cannot be removed or switched out like 2GIG’s can. So, if Livewatch does not release/unregister the cell module you will have issues.

Im very naive with this stuff so sorry with the rudimentary questions, but how do I get them to release the modules

I would call them and ask their policy on releasing the module. Often it is released when you close your account (such as with suretyDIY). Sometimes, the provider takes a different take on module release.

Im very naive with this stuff so sorry with the rudimentary questions, but how do I get them to release the modules

A rule of thumb, usually if the panel was “free equipment” as part of a contract agreement , then they will usually not unlock or release the module.

If on the otherhand, you purchased the panel, and equipment, or had it prior to having Livewatch monitor it, then they will probably release it upon request.