Connect myQ to sky panel

Hi newb here in need of help connecting my chamberlain garage door to Vivint sky panel. My garage door is model 940estd. Vivint wanted to charge me $50 to prgogram but I am hoping someone here can assist me. I am still not sure if my chamberlain is a z wave device or not. If not where in installed settings would I add. Please pm me or message here if you can help. Thanks

If its a MyQ opener, it connects via Wi-Fi, not Z-Wave. They do not connect to the panel they typically connect to the back end service, that’s how it is through (we are an service provider).

For SkyPanel, I could not say as that is not an compatible panel.

Thanks for response Tyler. When I called Vivint they wanted to charge me $50 to walk me through setup over the phone. I was hoping I could do the process my self without paying to have them walk me through. I was hoping i could do it through the installer menu since I know the passcode.