Configuring existing ADC V721W New Wifi credentials

I have updated my home wifi (router and extender) and now have a new SDID and Wifi password, but all 5 cameras are now offline (all solid red led). Both router and extender have WPS capability but not having much luck getting that to work. Also can’t pick up the V721 internal wifi on my iPhone to manually set new credentials.
Does the camera need to be in a certain mode to be able to connect through internal wifi mode?
Looking for exact sequence assuming current state which is all existing cameras, all solid red LED indicators, new wifi.


Without using WPS, you would want to plug cameras in manually with a patch cable. Then change their wifi settings once hardwired to network.

Another option is to change your SSID and password to exactly what it was previously, or hook up your old router temporarily in the network to get them to connect long enough for your to change credentials on the cameras.


Thank you - the installation manual talks about connecting to the camera’s internal Wi-Fi system and then run the ADC Setup app to set credentials (see attachment), but I can’t see the cameras’ Wi-Fi signal.

Has anyone used this method successfully??

alarmcom-V721W-install-manual.pdf (588 KB)

That would only show up if the camera was not previously connected to a wifi network. You could likely factory reset the cameras in order to do it that way. But if they still have your previous network info saved, you wouldn’t be able to connect.

The Liftmaster Universal Hub works similarly.

Thank you for your help - my router/extender setup has 2.4 and 5 ghx channels. I think I will set up the 2.4 channel to the old network settings and let see if the cameras find it. That will leave most everything else on the 5 ghz channels.


I renamed the 2.4 Ghz channel back to the original SSID as you recommended and the camera connected immediately.

Many thanks again for your help!