Configuration Backup

Hello - Does the 2GIG panel have the ability to backup the system config should the panel fail? Also, using the double sided tape for the window/door sensors will pull the serial number stickers off of each sensor when they are removed. There will be no way to figure out what the serial numbers are if I have to rebuild the system. A print out or electronic copy of the config should be all that is needed should it have to be restored. Thanks.

The entire system configuration gets backed up in the cloud by periodically so if you have a panel failure we can swap the panel out and restore all the system settings to the last automatic backup. If you know you’re going to do a panel swap, let us know first and we’ll save a back up right before you do and restore it when you’re done, that way you won’t lose anything.

If the serial number sticker does get removed and for some reason the backup gets lost (which has not happened in my experience) then you could “learn” the sensors into the panel and it would detect their serial numbers and show them in the configuration section.

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Perfect - Glad to know that there’s several options available. Thanks Ryan.