Concord4 + ADC - silent disarm?

Hey everyone - I’ve had Surety running a Concord4 panel for a while now. One thing I haven’t managed to track down yet that I’d love to adjust - I’m frequently on different sleep/wake cycles than others in the household, so we like being able to silent stay arm/disarm (5+2+code or 5+1+code on a panel). When I attempt to silent arm/disarm from the surety app, I still get beeps on the panels.

Just curious to see if anybody knows a way to silently arm/disarm from the app…

To clarify, what kind of beep are you referencing? When sending a remote disarm for example you should not be getting any sort of countdown beeps. The system should just disarm.

The Concord 4 if I recall has a single beep I believe whenever a remote command is accepted at the panel, is that what you are referencing? I do not have a Concord in front of me to test but I recall this being the case for all commands changing panel status. I believe you should be able to suppress this on a keypad by keypad basis by disabling Status Beeps.

See page 75 in the manual:

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Hey Jason! :slight_smile:

It was the status beeps! I hadn’t dug down into the accessory menus yet, thanks! The manual didn’t really describe what causes a status beep, so your description helps there.

Thanks for the help as always - part of why I posted here is google indexes the forum well, so hopefully this will help others.