Concord express to Qolsys 16

Is it possible to replace a Concord express system for a Qolsys Hardwire 16. If so do you have any support documentation to help with replacement?

Yes, you can reuse any standard hardwired burglary sensors with the Hardwire 16 and IQ Panel 4.

The steps to swap out the old panel are the same regardless of model for the most part. The installation guide is found here.

Qolsys has a video here showing the process (showing a large enclosure version, but both boards are the same.)

I pulled the plug and installed the alarm. However I have two faults in the hardwire 16.

Malfunction (IQ Hardwire)
Device Low Battery (IQ Hardwire)

Are these related or are they separate if they are separate what could cause the malfunction?

An offline malfunction and a low battery are two separate statuses, though if the hardwire translator is not receiving sufficient power they may be related.

Are you using the included 16VDC plug in transformer for power?
Is the antenna connected?
Does the Hardwire 16 have a 12VDC back-up battery connected? How old is the battery?

I am. I am Not sure how old the battery is. I inherited with the property. However the malfunction cleared and the only alert remaining is low battery.

If the battery is old and not holding a sufficient charge, a replacement 12VDC 4 or 5VA battery should be used.