Concord 4?

I have a Concord 4 alarm and am considering adding the GSM module and
having it monitored through Surety. Do you sell this module? If so,
can you give me pricing, if not can you tell me exactly what I need to
buy in order to get my system monitored through you?

We do not directly sell the Concord 4 modules, but I am familiar with using them, and we could monitor the system, yes.

The ordering process for Interlogix ADC modules is a bit tricky. Whoever was in control of the production is quite frankly ridiculous, and the model numbers do not in any way tell you whether the module is 3g or 2g. They label everything as HSPA GSM or CDMA GSM which are oxymorons, and at some point just upgraded the radio. This is more of an issue with Simon xT/xTis, but you will want to verify with the seller that it is an HSPA if ATT. Verizon modules have only ever been CDMA to my knowledge.

That said, you are most likely to get a 3g module at this point as I would hope sellers would have gotten rid of the unusable 2g versions, but you never know.

For ATT: 600-1053-4-ZX-AT
For Verizon: 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ