Concord 4 motion detector sensor group options

I’m thinking of adding a wireless motion detector in the basement for enhanced security at night (during Arm Stay). Normally, I understand motion detectors are assigned to GE Sensor Group 17. If I want this particular sensor to activate during Arm Stay mode, which Group # should I use? I’ve seen Group 13 suggested (just like instant perimeter doors and windows), but noticed Group 15 is available for motion sensors that are enabled in both Arm Stay and Arm Away modes.

The difference between 13 and 15 seems to be that Group 15 does not have Restoral and Chime characteristics. What do these characteristics mean?

Thank you.

You would want to use group 15 as it is an interior group.

Restoral indicates a signal sent when the sensor closes, which is irrelevant for motion detectors as they will naturally close shortly after sending the open/alarm signal. Chime is ill-advised for motion detectors.