Concord 4 expansion board?

The attached image is of my Concord 4 system. What is on the right side of the board? Looks like some sort of expansion. I’m looking to get a 2gig take 345 to switch it over a 2gig system and need to know what I need to get. Thanks!


Yes, that appears to be a Concord 4 Snapcard 8 Zone expander. Each TAKE-345 supports up to 8 zones, but you can use more than one to cover all the wired zones you have. If that is the only expansion module, two TAKE-345s would be sufficient.

Great. It looks like the expansion is only being used for the smoke detectors. Does that make sense?

If you only have smoke detectors in the expansion, then you would not need an additional TAKE-345. Wired Smoke and CO detectors cannot be used with the TAKE-345.

You would typically want to replace the low voltage smoke detectors with wireless options.

Keep in mind that Glass Breaks and Motion Detectors would also use supplemental 12VDC power, and typically smoke detectors would be all wired into one zone. How many smoke zones are on the existing panel? How are you determining them all to be smoke detectors?