Concord 4 compatible wireless CO alarm


My current wireless CO alarm has reached the end of its product life. I am trying to get a replacement, but it looks Interlogix/GE has discontinued the entire product line. I was able to find a few online but suspect they may be manufactured a while back and may not last the entire 7-year expected lifespan.

I am wondering if there are other wireless CO alarms that would be compatible with the Concord 4 system? I suspect my current wireless smoke alarm will also have the same issue once it reaches its useful life.

Any help would be appreciated!

Interlogix closed up their security business entirely and no longer manufacture parts, going on 4-5 years now. Any parts available online would be old stock.

The IQ CO detector is a 319.5 Mhz CO Detector and may be an option.

Got it. Thank you!!

BTW - looks like I was mistaken about the smoke detector (TX-6010-01)… the manual doesn’t mention anything about useful life (because it’s a photocell based?) - I assume it’s good forever - as long as i keep the batteries fresh.


The detector will have an expiration date. It will be printed on the device itself, not a manual, because it is based on the date of manufacture.

hmmm. I just thought the smoke detector manual would at least mention about the device has a finite life - like they did for the CO detector. Anyway, I did look all over the smoke detector but can’t seem to find either a manufacturing date or an expiration date… it looked like there was a sticker of some sort that had been removed… wondering if that’s where the information would have been, and the previous vendor removed it during the installation??

guess i will just have to wait for the unit to start telling me it’s time for replacement… Good thing it’s not the primary smoke alarm for the place - it’s an extra sensor tied to the alarm.

thanks again for your help!