Concord 4 Cell module

Cell module stop communicating with yeterday.

I think the main board mite be bad. Can I replace the main board and reattach the other board to the new one.

I think the main board mite be bad.

Are you referring to the cell module board? To help confirm the issue, can you confirm whether any of the cell module status LEDs are currently lit?

If not, try testing the voltage between +12v and GND on the cell module. Do you see roughly 12VDC?

If it is currently powered appropriately, can you double check that the antenna is attached securely to the module?

Can I replace the main board and reattach the other board to the new one.

You can replace the communication module, yes, but it would be good to rule out other issues such as power application and antenna connection before replacing.

There is power to the unit A and B on the main board are not on see pic.

Thank you, however the image appears to be too big. Can you resize and reattach?

Doing some trouble shooting I think the main board of the module is bad. The 4 light on the main board that are on the left side going up red, yellow, green, and green are not on. And the light at top solid green, flashing red, and flashing red. Can I replace the main board with a new one and reattach the other board to the new board.

I see, ok so just to clarify, You are referring to the Power, Bus and Auto LEDs at the top, and the Gateway Status LEDs on the bottom left? I am attaching an image to assist.

What activity do you see on L1 on the module? L1 will flash 1 to 8 times in a four-second interval to indicate specific error conditions

3 flashes and 5 flashes

That would indicate the module is having trouble registering on the LTE network, and 5 flashes actually does indicate a rare radio failure.

If you have not tried yet, try powering down the module and panel by unplugging the AC transformer and Battery, wait 30 seconds, then plug in the battery and the transformer.

Any luck after the power cycle? If not the module may in fact need to be replaced.

Done that several times. Am I able to replace just the power bus board. Or do I have to replace the hole module.

The module would need to be replaced in its entirety. If this is a recent purchase I would check with the vendor for warranty replacement information.

When you have a new module and module number, please submit the new number to our team via secure message here so it can be associated with your account.

Ok thanks