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I’m looking for a new door lock, and it seems that there are locks listed on’s ecosystem page that are not on lists of compatible Qolsys 2 zwave devices. Should I assume that if something is not listed as compatible with Qolsys, that it shouldn’t be used even if it’s on’s page?

Also I also saw on’s page that Moen Flo and Phyn Plus are listed. Is there an ability to actually integrate them?


We have found that if items are on the ADC supported list they will generally work. The Qolsys list is a more limited set of devices that Qolsys has officially tested.

Yes, both of those integrations are available with the Water Management add-on

Interesting regarding water management. What features are available through for both?

For example, will I get alerts if a leak is detected? Will setting my alarm system to away make a corresponding change to Flo and Phyn so that they go into “away” mode? Lastly, what else is supported or becomes available with water management? Not a lot of info out there on that account feature…

What features are available through for both?

These are new integrations available recently. Basic features are the same between the two: From documentation:

The following features are available for Flo by Moen or PhynPlus Smart Water Assistant and Shutoff on the Customer Website and Customer app:

  • Quickly and easily shut off water from the app
  • Set up automation rules
  • Receive alerts when leaks are detected
  • Monitor water usage to moderate consumption
  • Receive water system health reports

Lastly, what else is supported or becomes available with water management?

Basic feature availability of water management:

  • Check the status of Z-Wave shut-off valves and water sensors
  • Open and close Z-Wave shut-off valves remotely
  • Automatically shut off water when the water sensor is activated
  • Receive an alert when water is detected by a sensor
  • Monitor operation of sump pumps and receive an alert if there is an issue

Thanks. Is it possible to set Moen Flo or Phyn to its “away” mode from automations?

Also is it a local or cloud integration? Thinking of situation where internet goes down…. Obviously would communicate to Qolsys via cellular, but wouldn’t want Moen or Phyn to have issues then.

This is a new integration and documentation consists entirely of the above bullet points. If Away is a status applicable to the Moen or Phlyn app, it is likely this would be covered in automation rules (seems an obvious one-for-one automation opportunity).

I’ll see if I can confirm with and follow up here.

This is a cloud integration. The devices do not link directly to your panel.

Do you know how the Flo by Moen is integrated? Is it a cloud login integration like the garage door opener? Since it can’t be Zwave?


Steps and supported features for Flo by Moen can be found here:

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Thank you