Compatibility of Vision Z-Wave Siren (ZM1601US-5) with 2GIG GC2 Panel


I am looking for guidance on whether the item below, a Z-Wave siren, is compatible with my 2GIG GC2 panel.

Brand: Vision
Model Number: ZM1601US-5
Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-15050013



That model is not listed in 2GIG documentation and we do not have experience with it.

If you try it, please let us know how it works!

Other options include Fortrezz and Utilitech (available at Lowes)


I reached out and below is the response I got from the retailer selling the device.

“I can verify that the Vision Siren is compatible with 2GIG; I see that they have the same device on their official compatibility list. This device was just rebranded by another company so the Vision unit should work:

From my own research it looks like the siren in question is the 2GIG WA105DBZ-1, but without the power adapter. The WA105DBZ-1 alarm has a 4 AA battery backup just like the Vision alarm has for a primary power source. I plan to buy and test the device soon and I’ll give an update once that’s complete.


If the 2GIG Siren is a branded version of that Vision model or vice-versa there should be minimal if any differences. It should be fine to function with the 2GIG Panel.

Was the WA105DBZ-1 found to work in this instance? I am also looking to install this siren with my GC2.

Here is a better solution

Get a Zwave switch. Like the GE outdoor zwave switch

Go buy a siren that is loud. I got one made by Seco at Amazon for cheap

Get the appropriate plug in transformer to run it.

Plug it into the zwave switch

The sirens mentioned in this thread are not that loud.

I bought a aftermarket home alarm siren and it is very loud .

You need to create a rule where when you alarm goes off the siren goes off.

The WA105DBZ-1 Siren is listed as compatible with the 2GIG Go!Control GC2 and GC3. GC2 firmware of 1.17.04 or higher