Compatibility issues w/Leviton DZR-15-1LZ Outlet?

Hi All -

I paired into my zWave network a Leviton DZR-15-1LZ Duplex Outlet. Outlet is just across the hallway from the panel (~5ft)
I have a Concord 4 Security Panel w/ADC, Zwave, etc.
I received no error lights when pairing in this new device.
It worked great when sending the ON and OFF commands from ADC web and mobile.
I added this outlet to an evening lighting rule … It did not come on (the other lights in the rule did) and it then reported a Malfunction.

This morning, I removed the device from the network; waited about 10mins, confirmed it was no longer visible in my ADC ‘Devices’ List; then re-added it to my network.
ADC assigned it another Device ID; I now see 2 in my ‘Devices’ Listing (The old ID # and now the new). The original ID reports a Malfunction - I disabled it from receiving remote commands. The new ID assigned - works - by sending ON and OFF commands. I receive no malfunction notices (as of yet). However - I created a test rule to have the device turn on. It does not work. It is as if the rule does not exist.

Any thoughts? Perhaps I purchased a ZWave outlet that is not 100% compatible?

Thanks all,

I would say you would have better chance of success sticking to those listed on the hardware page. The Leviton is likely not fully compatible.

I would recommend trying the GE Jasco 45605.

If you are gonna get the GE/Jasco zwave outlet, get it from Lowes store in the iris aisle ($34), and save yourself the $20 markup.

Personally, I went with the Evolve LDM/LPM dimmer/appliance outlet. Basically does the same thing, but you don’t have to mess with wiring, just plug it in, and go. I don’t use the dimmer function though (I have the LDM, but just use it for standard ON/OFF control to regulate lighting on aquarium). Two receptacles.

Jason & Riven - Thanks for the replies! I went to Lowe’s this evening and purchased the outlet. Installed and works perfectly! I should have checked on the Leviton compatibility before purchasing online… I let the great deal blur my common sense. LOL

Riven - I have the ‘plug in’ modules throughout the home. The bride wanted a small lamp on the kitchen counter to be part of the ‘evening lights’ schedule, but did not want the ‘plug in module’ at eye level. :slight_smile: …Yes Dear.

Thanks as always!