Comparison to Vivint Sky Panel

I currently have the Vivint Sky system and am very disappointed in the performance of the panel, especially since the most recent upgrade. Sometimes the audio glitches and the screen doesn’t respond to touch. Since it appears most if not all of my sensors are compatible, I’m considering the GC3. I’m curious as to how it compares in performance to the Sky Panel I have now.

IMO, having been a Vivint customer in the past, performance is better. I personally stuck with the GC2 myself.

The one glaring difference will be no camera feeds on the panel. Cameras/image sensors/doorbell cams will be primarily viewed via’s mobile app.

Only your 2GIG sensors/keypads will be compatible (and older ADC cameras due to firmware issues). If you have the doorbell cam, you will have to switch that out. The upfront DIY cost for equip is gonna run you around $300+.

The programming of the panels is easy, installation of the equip is easy as well (if you are handy).

If you are not handy, or don’t have basic handtools…then it may not be worth it.