Communication Issues

Finally have my system up and running!

Both of my sub-panels have issues communicating with the control panel. When I run the system test, the signal strength is strong so I’m not sure what else to do?

See attached for an example.

The TS1’s communicate via the XCVR2 900mhz. If both are having issues you may want to start with that. Assuming that you have the most recent firmware on main CP and both secondary panels.

Every so often I get that screen on my TS1. I suspect it is a firmware related glitch/bug (along with the broken/garbled voice announcements), or possibly some kind of 900mhz interference.

What is the signal strength as reported in walk test for both TS1’s?

Mine (5/5 green bars):

I have 5/5 bars for one TS1 and 3/5 for the other. I get the error message 40 to 50% of the time.

So it’s not just the one with 3/5 bars that gives your the error? Can you try powering down one of them and using it for a while to see if the problem goes away? Then power that one back on and power down the other to run the same test. If both TS1’s consistently have the problem in isolation (with the other TS1 powered off) then I would guess the problem is with the 2GIG-XCVR2-345.

Interestingly, the power has been off to the second one for the past 48 hours because that outlet isn’t working correctly and I’m waiting on the electrician. Same issue.

Have you tried resetting your TS1s and re-learning? Press and hold the two face buttons on the TS1 for about 30 seconds, they should lose link with the CP and you can learn them again.