Communication issues

My system has no connectivity and uncertain how to remedy. Cell phone test failed, and app doesn’t communicate. Image sensors aren’t reflecting activity at panel. This started yesterday afternoon.

What trouble alerts are you seeing at your panel?

A quick test would be a full power cycle. Unplug, then open and pull battery. Wait 15 seconds, plug in battery, plug in wall transformer. Wait two minutes, then run a cell phone test.

With the panel open, also check to be certain the cellular module antenna is plugged in.

Verify whether you have an 2G or 3G module. IF 2G replace it. (open panel, and look at module. Make sure you also have the right antenna for module. A small “in the panel” antenna is for a 2G GSM module) cell modules:

2G: TMO GSM2, ATT GSM4, ATT GSM6 (discontinued)

There are no alerts present at the panel oddly. The way I found out there was an issue is that the app is no longer communicating to panel. Upon reseating the cell module, the following message appears Cell Phone Test, acquiring network registration. please wait. (Three times) Phone test timed out. Please try again later. Result: The Cell Phone Test Failed.
Please provide some additional insight, as there is no protection present currently at this property.


It looks like one of the troubleshooting steps solved the issue based on signals. There is a successful cell phone test showing in the history. Can you attempt to run cell test again? Then wait a minute and test an inbound command like Arm (Stay)?

We are seeing normal signalling and near perfect signal strength at the moment.

So I gather OP in fact has a 3G module… Verizon? IF strength is good, but test keeps failing, it is probably a carrier tower issue.

Thanks for your reply, and update. I’m in my office, and will head that way later and check further. As a matter of normal operation, should the panel notify of loss of cell service, and if so, does that show on the screen, and send an alert to app?
The app has now successfully armed system.

You can set it to go into trouble if it looses connection, enable notifications, and you can set it for a daily test (default is 30 days). If the panel losses connection (cellular for example) and doesn’t log the daily test, you should get an alert.


Periodic (daily) test (if panel does not “check in” daily, alert is triggered)
Q29(1): Enter periodic test, in days (0-255)

Smart test reports (enabled):
Q64(1) Smart test reports are a way to reduce Central Station

Any non-test signal during normal operation will reset the periodic test timer, and periodic test reports will only be sent if the panel has not reported in any way to the central station.

Q22(7) lack of (arming) usage in days (if panel loses connection to ADC, there will be “no usage”)
Q23(30) radio network failure time in minutes (elapsed time before cellular failure alert is triggered)
Q24(1) radio network failure causes trouble (enabled)
Q25(1) radio network failure reports (enabled)

Yes. The panel would display Radio Modem Network Failure. Radio Not Responding notifications would be generated by

This looks to be a unique issue since neither occurred. Carrier network hiccup is entirely likely.