Commercial accounts

I’m the IT Director for a large Taco Bell franchise, and current SuretyDIY customer. We currently contract with Protection One in all of our locations, and we are approaching our contract renewal. I’m so happy with my home system, and know that most of our business systems utilize the 2GIG panels, prompts me to ask if I could set up an enterprise DIY account to monitor our commercial locations?


Well, I’ll try to address what I would feel are pertinent details and if I do not answer everything just let me know.

  1. suretyDIY web accounts can purchase and maintain multiple accounts under the same login. So, yes, all could be managed through one suretyDIY account login. (You just can’t place multiple subscriptions in your cart at once. One at a time to collect the correct details etc.)
  2. Each location would require its own account, but Multi-system access is a baked-in feature allowing you to access multiple systems with the same credentials, just swapping between them within the app or website.
  3. Each location would require its own central station account.
  4. All service plan details here would still apply.

Hi Jason,

You pretty much covered all of my concerns. Thanks for that link to the video, that explains it very well! My next steps are to get a full inventory of panel types, sensors, etc. and explore from there. Thanks again for your fast response!


Not a problem. Just let us know if you have any other questions, happy to help.