Command Delay From App

  1. I armed from my mobile at 934am, system was not armed
  2. we came back home around 10am system was still not armed.
  3. 1004am system was armed (by the orig request i sent from my mobile at 934am)
  4. We are already home and motion sensor activated

Same scenario happened couple of times during night where arm stay from mobile takes 30 to 40mins to arm the system.

Can you please check this issue and let me know what needs to be fixed?

Happy to help. I do see in the history this instance you refer to but I haven’t found the others yet. Roughly how often do you notice this? Is there any pattern?

Often delays or lost commands can happen due to frequent switching of the communication source due to either carrier changes/tower switching/poor signal etc. However, signalling on the account looks solid, so there aren’t any real clues there.

I see a subsequent command sent which was acknowledged in about 9 seconds, so it does appear to be intermittent. How long have you noticed this? Has it only been recently?

One thing to try: power down the system completely for at least 2 full minutes, then power back up. This will force a fresh connection. While the panel is powered down, verify that the antenna is plugged in firmly and is not loose.

Also, just to verify, do you happen to use a cell network extender at your home?