Combined CO2 and Smoke for Qolsys?

I am looking for a combined CO2 and Smoke detector that is compatible with the Qolsys panel - any ideas? I saw a first alert one that is Z-Wave compatible but don’t believe that will work with the Qolsys panel. I really don’t want to have to buy the individual Qolsys Smoke AND Carbon detectors due to the cost and the reality of having 2 detectors installed next to each other in each area of the house. We already have a load of individual detectors in bedrooms etc but I want to put a dual sensor one centrally on each floor that would be connected to the panel.

If I cannot find something I am considering going to the Nest Protect instead as this will do both and they will trigger each other should they detect something/go into an alarm state, but this removes the direct integration with the Qolsys panel and automatic Fire dispatch in the event of real emergency.

Thoughts anyone?

Unfortunately I do not believe a combo Smoke/Co detector is yet available for Qolsys.

Compatible security and life safety devices can be found here.

I have suggested combo units to our alarm panel manufacturers a few times, and I would love to see them implemented.

I saw a first alert one that is Z-Wave compatible but don’t believe that will work with the Qolsys panel

Correct. Typically, Z-wave sensor type devices will not be compatible. The panels do not generate alarm scenarios from Z-wave devices.

I will send this as a request to Qolsys. If any info is available on a possible future combo unit I’ll post here.

Is there an updated list of compatible security and life safety devices? I purchased a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 (2GIG & Honeywell 345MHz), and have tried to add a ZCOMBO and it just appears as “Other”.

Here is a link that I found to compatible devices. The PowerG and 345 MHz devices would be compatible with your panel. I believe Z-Wave devices are still unable to generate alarm signals.

How can I get an official answer?

Z-wave sensors are not compatible. Z-wave is only used for automation purposes like lights/locks/thermostats etc.

This is the sensor compatibility list.

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More technically, what happens when something like a ZCOMBO is used with the Qolosys?

Nothing. It is not compatible and will not trip any alarms at the panel.

Are there any workarounds? e.g. Hubitat / Smartthings connected to Qolsys?

Z-wave sensors will not generate alarms of any kind on the Qolsys panel. Secondary Z-wave controllers cannot initiate alarms on the Qolsys panel. No Z-wave device can do that. Only supported alarm sensors.

That’s rough. The 2GIG Smoke detector is $90 alone and only has a 5 year lifespan. Hard to justify the cost when the ZCOMBOs are $25/each.

The 2GIG Smoke detector is $90 alone and only has a 5 year lifespan

You might be looking at a different site and a different model of smoke detector.

The 2GIG-SMKT8 smoke detector has a 10 year life span.

It is $70 in our store.

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What is the warranty on those devices? If they break 5 years in, does one just have to replace it?

The manufacturer’s warranty on the 2GIG SMKT8-345 is 2-years, warranty period can be found on the product page