Codes and Notifications Question

My users and slot numbers are not matching the exported list. The user at slot number 4 used her code to unlock the door at 3:06pm today which disarms the alarm. The history log shows “Back Door Lock Unlocked by User at slot 1” at 3:06pm. This is causing the notifications I have created for user 4 to not work. Any ideas?

Actually it looks like the codes in do not show lock access for any users. Were the same user codes programmed directly into the lock? You’ll want to use the users page to give lock access to the existing users, which will send their codes and match slot numbers.

Can you try giving lock access to a user in, waiting for 10 minutes, then try their code at the lock?

Thanks, this corrected the issue. I had been using the locks with a previous account and had previously programmed the lock codes directly on the locks themselves. Adding the lock access within the account looks to have corrected the issue.