CO2 supervision and monitoring

I recently added a CO2 detector and when I configured it, I turned supervision off because I was getting a lot of false sensing with a previous ADT detector. This 2GIG one seems to be much better in quality so I just wanted to know what the process is if the CO2 detector goes off and was monitoring it. Would it immediately dispatch to the fire department or would call first to check before dispatching FD?

Response depends solely on the signal received by the central station, which in turn is controlled by how users program their devices.

By standard, if the Carbon Monoxide is programmed as sensor group 14 (carbon monoxide) call center procedure is to call premise number first if applicable, then call all individuals on the contact list.

Disabling supervision does not stop sensor reporting. Supervision refers to the periodic signal check made between the panel and the sensors to verify they are still there and communicating.