CO Detector Issues

I am having a problem with a co detector loosing supervisories it is one chirp a minute with one yellow flash. I delete it from the system and it works for about a week and then the same thing happens. It is not even two years old, this is the second time I am having issues with the co. I want it replaced or repaired. Resolution products has a 5 year warranty on their co detectors.

What is the model number of the CO Detector? Is it an RE113?

Was this device purchased through suretyDIY?

If it was, our return policy can be found here. If it was purchased elsewhere, you will need to contact the original seller or the manufacturer regarding warranty replacement.

If this is an RE113, your description sounds like the CO detector is reporting an internal maintenance issue, and it is recommended to replace it, yes.

If you can verify the model number or a photo of the device and its model sticker, we could help with more detail.

It is a Qolsys co detector powered by resolution products. I have had issues with this in the past.

I did not buy from suretydiy, qolsys should be responsible for this, it is the second time I am having issues with a life saving device. There is certainly an issue and if they can’t stand behind their products this early in the game, that says a lot for who they are going to be in this industry. My system is only 18 months old.

I forgot to mention that in that 18 month span I already went through 1 panel that died just over 12 months old ( froze in the armed state). A bad image sensor that nobody would replace (they want me to purchase a new one)and 2 bad co detectors and now this again. Sorry to say this but Qolsys is not ready for prime time.

All items were purchased new from a local dealer that didn’t want to be bothered anymore.

You will want to verify the manufacturer’s warranty on an item if it proves defective. This will commonly be found in its instruction manual.

If you cannot reach out to the original seller, the manufacturer may offer to directly assist.

Warranty period will be listed in the manual. If it is a QS-5210-P01, then the warranty would be two years per the manual.

Is the unit within that two year period? (sounds like it is) you should gather proof of purchase and request the manufacturer replace the unit. Any purchase receipt for the unit would be best, or if it was professionally installed originally, the original installation paperwork with dates.

If you can provide proof of purchase and explain that the original seller is no longer communicating, you shouldn’t have trouble. Let us know if you do.

Do you mean the manufacturer to be Qolsys or resolution products?

For part QS-5210-P01, Qolsys would be considered the manufacturer. Normally you would not deal with them directly, rather the company from which the item was purchased; but as suggested above, if you can provide proof of purchase and explain that the original seller is no longer communicating, they should be able to assist you.

I sent 2 emails to Qolsys tech support asking to help with a return and no response. I guess they expect you to buy a new co every year.

Did you attach proof of purchase date?

I am waiting for a reply to see if they would even help, then attach whatever docs they want.

I would recommend sending the proof of purchase up front, showing the date as within the two year warranty period indicated in the manual.

Well Qolsys stepped up on this and sent me a replacement co detector. They insisted that it only has a 1 year warranty but the instruction manual clearly says 2 years. Let’s see how long this one lasts. This is my 3rd co detector for this system which is less than 18 months old.

I am having the same problem with a RE113 that I purchased from Surety two years ago. Chirping every minute with yellow flash. I’ve replaced batteries 3 times, with both alkaline and lithium, most recently two days ago, and chirping is back. It sounds like replacement is needed at this time.

I read the return policy and would like to purchase a replacement now for refund after you receive the defective unit. Looking at what you have available in your store now, should I be purchasing the QS5210-840? I believe the RE113 is discontinued.

Since its not a product we have in the storefront, I’m going to have one of our team members reach out to you via email. They should be contacting you shortly about this.