CO Detector in Test Mode

I have a new Carbon Monoxide Detector (2GIG-CO3-345) and a 2GIG control panel. I added the CO3 to the system configuration. While in Test Mode, I pushed the test button on the CO3 which beeped appropriately. But nothing registered on the control panel’s test screen, like a window/door sensor does when you open a door. Short of starting a fire, is it possible to verify the CO3’s operation in Test Mode? If so, how?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Instead of putting the system in Walk Test, try just holding down the test button to see if it triggers an alarm on the system. If that doesn’t work, I would make sure that the sensor is programmed in on Loop 1 and that the serial number that is programmed into the panel matches the sticker on the CO detector.

The installation manual that came inside the CO3 box did not have a Testing section. There was some mention in the Programming section on testing, but it was rather vague. On the 2GIG website, I found the following test procedure:
Push and hold the test button for a minimum of 5 seconds. The Control Panel
will trigger and the detector will go into alarm. The sounder begins the
temporal 4 pattern and the red LED blinks. The security system’s Control Panel
displays the detector’s name in alarm.

First I went into Test Mode on the console. I placed the CO3 within 1 foot of the console and pushed its test button as described. The console registered the alarm successfully. I exited Test Mode and returned to normal operation.
Thanks Jay!