Closing bypassed sensors

if a sensor is bypassed because it is open when arming, if that sensor is subsequently closed while the system is still armed, will that sensor then function and report an alarm if opened again while the system remains armed, or does the system need to be disarmed and then armed again for that bypassed sensor to function again?

For Qolsys, If the sensor is in a bypassed state when the system is armed, closing the sensor, then opening it, will not trigger the alarm.

I do wish this was adjustable. If I’m walking out of my entry door and happen to arm the system while the door is open I’ve just bypassed that door for the entire arming session.

Has this feature been requested? It seems like it would be a straightforward function to enable via a firmware update.

I believe this has been brought up to Qolsys before, but I have run this by their team as a potential update.