"Circulate" Fan Setting w/ADC T2000 stats

What is the fan run-time logic for “circulate” fan setting vs. “Auto”

Also, when call for A/C or Heat does call runtime “count” as part of the “duty cycle % setting for the stat” (which I think selects how much of the 24h period air circulation is required?)

ADC online help notations less-than-stellar IMHO…

Is “circulate” selectable from web interface (I did not see a choice, but this setting is in App)

What is the fan run-time logic for “circulate” fan setting vs. “Auto”

Auto for the fan simply means the fan will run along with the heat/AC stage being called. This is opposed to “on” which would run continuously.

Circulate is an additional function that runs the fan at intervals when set to auto and there is no call for heat or cool. Circulate and its settings only apply to time outside of heat or cool calls (the blower will always run with heat or cool).

The Circulate fan option is controlled by the thermostat’s Fan Circulation/Duty Cycle settings. The Fan Duty Cycle determines how long the fan is on during the Fan Circulation Period. For example, if the circulation time is 10 minutes and the duty cycle is 25%, the fan is on for 2.5 minutes and then off for 7.5 minutes until the next cycle.

I believe it is only selectable in the app card, but I will double check with ADC to verify if this has changed.

I actually use circulate and created a scene/shortcut for it.
I have the original T2000 and original firmware variant.

As far as I can tell (at least in my case) it can’t be used unless mode is off.

Settings for it (duration, etc) are in the advanced settings.

To create the mobile app scene shortcut I had to set it up on alarm.com as I am not able to access circulate fan mode via the mobile app tstat fan settings.

In my case, circulate fan mode runs the fan for 20 min every hour (30% every 60 min)

To disable circulate mode, I then just access the fan setting via app, set it back to ‘Auto’, and then turn tstat back on.

See screenshot: