Checking the logic of not announcing closed sensors on IQ4

I have some doors with sensors that are not alarm sensors. They are announce only. I like how they tell me when doors are opened but also when closed.

I have been told that if these sensors are set to set off the alarm, that they will no longer announcing the closing of doors. Only the opening.

Why is this? Is there a reason people want not want to hear that a door is closed?

There is no way to confirgure arming sensors to announce closing? Could this be recommended as a feature for the future?

That’s correct, closing announcements will only occur on Group 25 non-alarm response zones.

I’m happy to forward feedback to the manufacturer for review!

I would second on making this a feature/enhancement as well.

happy to pass that along

If this is is something that you you really want now, you can do it with Home Assistant.

You can announce when a door opens/closes on your phone, and also announce it on your smart speakers (Google Home/Alexa), and also display it on your computer as a notification, and whatever other platform you wish.

This request was to have verbal announcement through the panel. Not through the phone. Its easy to set up notifications for phone notifications already,

I was talking about verbal announcements and visual announcements on displays and hubs.

Are you saying you can do verbal announcements on phones now?

nope, sorry misunderstood. rather it just announce on the panels.