Changing the Installer's Code (Q43) on a 2GIG Go!Control Panel - How to Video

Hi I am wondering a few things as a potential new customer:

  1. If I buy a 2Gig Go Control panel from suretydiy, will they change the default installer code from 1561 as specified in the install guide?
  2. If they do not change it, would they allow me to change it?
  3. Is the customer (me) allowed to know the install code.

I ask because I have read on other forums how leaving the installer code at default can be a security risk.

Many thanks in advance,

You tell suretycam what you want the installer code to be In checkout.

You can change to anything you want it to be, at anytime yourself. Your panel is unlocked, and you have full programming control.

If you order equipment from us, part of the submission process includes telling us what you want the installer code to be programmed to and we update it as requested. If you have equipment and want us to monitor it, it is initially defaulted and we provide direction on resetting it to a new secure code.

Yes, as a DIYer you have your installer code and if for some reason if you need us to push through a reset remotely while being monitored, we’re happy to assist in you regaining access.