Changing batteries in door sensors

Just asking about the process of changing batteries in the door sensors, and what type of batteries are used. Do I need to do anything with the control panel before or after changing them?

I’m not seeing a related Surety subscription connected to your username, so I am not sure what system you are working with. To best assist we would need to know the model of sensor you are looking to replace the batteries in. Can you provide the model of panel and sensor?

The battery model itself will also be printed on the batteries in the sensor in question.

Regarding the panel, I wouldn’t be able to say for sure without knowing what panel type you have. Generally speaking though if it is a model of panel compatible with, there wouldn’t be anything to do in the panel prior to just swapping the batteries in the sensor.

I’m also talking with someone else in here from the team. I’m not sure how to find the model of the panel. My service address is [removed by admin] I had my system put in May 2014. I have 3 sensors located inside the doors

Ah, I see there are some related private messages.

Looks like you are looking for details on a DW20R sensor. Those would use a single CR2 battery.

You would just need to remove the cap and pull out the internals, pop out the battery, wait 30 seconds, put the new battery in, then close it all up.

Nothing would need to be done at the panel. The Low battery condition would resolve itself after swapping the battery in the sensor!

Yes. Awesome. Yeah my control panel is 2gig-GO panel. thanks for all the help.