Changed network name - cameras not working

I recently added a new router and modem to upgrade our network. I changed the name of the network and now the cameras are not working. How do I fix this?? Thanks

If they are no longer connected to the network, there are two options-

option 1: change the router ssid/passcode back to what it was, and reestablish connectivity. Then once cams are back online, login to ADC, go to camera tab, then settings, select wireless network, then ‘manual’, and change the SSID/passcode, and then check ‘apply these settings to all wireless cameras’, then change it on the router. power cycle both devices.

option 2: re-setup the wireless connection on for cams. that means connecting ethernet cable to cam/router and going through process on to connect it to wireless network.

The above post is correct, you will need to connect the cameras to your internet in order to make a settings adjustment. If you have multiple wifi cameras spread out, it is often easiest to just change your new router settings to match the SSID/network key of your previous network.