Change in monitoring center actions

I understood that with the changes to the monitoring center calling practice, I would not receive a call if I disarm the alarm quickly. Whats actually happening now is that I still receive a call regardless of how quickly I disarm the panel, but I’m no.longer asked for a password.
Not certain of the benefit of the new practice? Perhaps Im misunderstanding something?

I am not seeing that in history.

The last few events for example:

About a month ago an alarm signal came in and the panel was not disarmed until after the call was done.

Recently, I see 2 back to back alarm events come in from the same motion detector.

On the first one, the panel was disarmed and the alarm was disregarded.

Less than a minute later, more alarm signals came in from the same zone, and it looks like the operator started the call process about when the cancel came in. I think this is probably what you are referencing, right?

Yes. These events all occured as described. I guess question is if they go through the trouble of calling me about an alarm event, why do they not ask for the password?

The disarm abort signal had come in by the time the call connected, so the operator was able to disregard without the code.

The abort signal is treated like a confirmed false alarm and disregard request. If it comes in during the call, the operator should reference it, but that would be why the password wasn’t required at that point. It’s a bit complicated, but it is intended to heavily cut down on false alarm police dispatches which are costly.

Got it, that makes sense. I misinterpreted the new process, thinking that I wouldn’t ever receive a call if I disarm the alarm.
Is there an option to give the monitoring center duress word? I think there is a duress code programmable to the panel.

Yes, you can still give the duress word, request dispatch, or use the duress code. If disarmed with the duress code the central station receives that as a panic/duress signal.