Change Entry/Exit Delay Sound

Is there a way to program my 2GIG-CNTRL21-345 panel to have different sounds during the exit and entry delays?

We have forgetful family members that always have to run back into the house to get something they forgot and it would be helpful for the exit and entry delay sounds be distinct so they know if the alarm was armed while they were outside the house. I’d prefer to not have to change the exit delay time.

There is not a way to change countdown beeps that I am aware. If the individuals are exiting after the countdown is completed, it may be a good idea to make use of the quick exit feature on the panel, which will let them leave without disarming and re-arming the panel. You can make sure this is enabled under Q28 in programming.

Thanks Jason,

They are not leaving after the panel is armed, they are coming in and hearing the same countdown sound as when they are leaving so they don’t know if the system is still counting down to arm or if it was armed and is counting down until it has to be disarmed to avoid the alarm.

Ah, well it would be a safe bet to always disarm in that case then. They are more than likely going to open a door after the countdown ends even if it is still in exit delay when they return.

You could extend exit delay alone. Also keep in mind that during an exit delay the last 10 seconds will beep in double time to signify that the system is nearing armed state.