Change Cellular module


I ordered a GC3 and when doing the cellular test I only got 1/6 with Verizon. It seems to work but the documentation say that you should aim for at least 2. Can I do an exchange of the Verizon module to a AT&T module as I did an iPhone check and got 3/5 bars so assume that the panel would get about the same. Or is 1/6 good enough?

Phone service coverage and machine to machine communication coverage typically have little correlation. Phone service is typically a bad indicator.

This coverage check tool will show whether or not full coverage is available.

Where is the panel in the home when you are running the tests? It’s best to move to other locations and determine where the best general area for installation will be.

Make sure to leave the panel in each spot for at least 5-10 minutes so the signal strength can be shown accurately. I would look for an area where you can get 2/6.

Any luck on the signal testing?

Sorry, didn’t have time to check until now. You were absolutely right, it seemed to have taken a little while for it to pick up the actual signal strength. Now it shows 4/6 so all is good. Thanks!