Chamberlain MyQ

I had this installed and then connected to Alarm. com. I recently changed routers and the hub is not happy, I am wondering how to reconnect since I no longer have the chamberlain app. the light on the little hub is green so presumably it has connected to wifi.

By, the way, What is the best solution for z-wave garage door openers? I have used the chamberlain hub and it is generally OK but I think a combined unit might be worthwhile.

I have the 2gig GC2. Do the new chamberlain.liftmasters with video work with Alarm. com

This page on Chamberlain’s website shows how to reset the Wifi on a wireless MyQ device. Scroll down to the hub and follow the instructions there.

There is no video integrated MyQ support at this time. I’m not aware of any plans regarding that at this time.

The Linear Z-wave GD00Z is the Z-wave option for garage control. It is compatible with most openers except for the newest MyQ openers with gateway built in.

thanks. I paired it using the my chamberlain app. It is working but connected to my {removed} account while the is {removed}. How can I consolidate this?

You can’t link a Chamberlain account with ADC that way. The Gateway must be registered through

You would need to log into your MyQ app and delete that Gateway, then wait about 15 minutes, log into the website and navigate to Settings > Devices > Automation Devices > Liftmaster Installation link at the bottom.

got it. it’s been awhile. thanks so much

No problem! Let me know if you have any questions or trouble getting set up.