Chamberlain MyQ Gateway Add Ons

I have two Chamberlain MyQ gateways and I was able to add one of them successfully to my system. After adding the first one I am unable to add a second. I read somewhere you may have to add it for me. If there is a process I should follow to add it please let me know.

A single Gateway can support multiple overhead doors. What is the model number of the device you are attempting to add? If it is the Gateway (The device that plugs into your router), you should be able to simply add an additional wall button door controller to the Gateway you have.

They are both gateways, sorry I’m not in front of it to get a model number. The issue is with adding a second door to the gateway involves location and signal (separate all metal building with hardwired switch, not wireless). This was resolved by adding a second gateway when I was using the Chamberlain site to manage them. I found out supports the gateways so I’m trying to move them from the Chamberlain site to After adding one gateway successfully the option to add another gateway is gone from the site, leading me to believe it only supports one gateway, or requires some other means of adding.

I see, then yes I believe we can add a Gateway if necessary. Please private message support or email with your account name and the unregistered Gateway Serial number. Make sure the gateway is powered and connected to your network.

Will do. Thank you!