Chamberlain MyQ with 2 different locations

I have the 2gig control panel and MYq At house A. Switching from MyQ to was a breeze

I also have a house B which is remote from house A and not connected with Can I add 2nd Myq at this house on the account?

I didnt see this question and I hope I didnt miss anything

Technically, yes, since it is communicating via internet only and not tied to a panel, you should be able to do this. You would need to submit the second gateway serial number via secure message here so our team can add it. Only one Gateway can be added through the user website at the moment.

Thank you Jason. I can confirm that the chamberlain MyQ works brilliantly in 2 different locations. It is important to note that the will sign identical names to the devices ( chamerlain hub) so you have to make sure you have the right one.

It was ublievably easy to change from the chamberlain MQ app to as the instructions say, you must delete the device from the chamblerlain account ( actually a blessing) and add it with instructions.

Thanks so much

Glad we were able to help!