Chamberlain B970 garage door opener

I have a Chamberlain B970 garage door opener with built in WiFi and MyQ.

When attempting to add to my account, I am entering the serial number found on the unit and getting the message “there was an error while registering your Liftmaster IQ gateway. Please ensure that you have entered the correct serial number and then contact us for assistance.”

Can you assist?

Is your MyQ device already connected to the MyQ app? It can only be controlled by MyQ or Not both.

Ah ok, I’ll try disconnecting it

I removed it from the MyQ app, but I’m receiving the same message when I try to add it through

It may take some time after removing from MyQ before it’s available for Are you able to try later today or even tomorrow?

Otherwise, if you PM us your serial number we’re happy to try to add it for you.

Got it. I can definitely try tomorrow. I’ll send a pm if it doesn’t work out. Thanks for your help!

I’m having trouble adding it as well. We’ll work with and get it figured out.

When you had it connected to the MyQ app, was it working then? Could you open and close the door?

Thanks. Yes it worked fine through the MyQ application.

FYI, I decided to unplug the opener and plug it back in. Once I did this, I was able to add it.


Thank you for following up. Glad to hear this resolved the issue!

Jason -

I have the same model door opener, and have removed the internal MyQ hub from my MyQ account. Do I have to unplug the backup battery as well as AC power to get the unit in a state that it could be added to I will let it sit overnight to see if my change propagates before disconnecting the power. I assume the S/N is the box below “Country of Origin Mexico” even though it is not labeled as such: ##A####-1 format.

The Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener’s myQ Serial Number is located on the logic board end panel label. It will be labeled as the Serial Number.

I assume the S/N is the box below “Country of Origin Mexico” even though it is not labeled as such: ##A####-1 format

It will be a ten digit hexidecimal code.

You can add this to your account by logging into and navigating to Settings > Devices > Liftmaster Installation (bottom right of Devices box)

The above user needed to power cycle the device as a troubleshooting step but that may not be necessary.

Hi, can you tell me how to remove this garage door opener from my system? Thanks

Removal of MyQ devices must be performed by the dealer at this time, removal is not available in the user app.

I can remove it for you. Please send us a private message with the name of the garage door you want to have removed!