Central Station support for Automated Secure Alarm Protocol

Hi, signed up for service today and started completing my information for the Central Station. While researching my local dispatch numbers, I came across the article below, which seems to indicate my local city implemented Automated Secure Alarm Protocol using middleware and Nlets. Any idea if the Monitoring America co-op supports this?




I am awaiting word from our central station director. I will update this post regarding what I find out.

Jason - it looks like ASAP is a CSAA program so I’m hopeful. I found some additional information here:

Apparently my city was one of the original pilots and is very experienced. I’m just waiting to submit my final account creation page. Should I just go ahead and do that with the standard non-emergency numbers in the interim?

Yes, submit with the standard numbers.

Our central station is not yet set up for this system (only because of a lack of customers who could use it, as of now I am only aware of two locations ready to use this,) however, they have already taken steps to facilitate its adoption in the near future.

We should probably expect to see it implemented sometime next year.