Central Station Incoming Numbers

As I was testing our system the other day…
We had our first incoming call from the central station.

We usually don’t answer numbers we don’t recognize…
but I realized it was possible it was the central station since we were testing out in real alarm conditions.

(I’ve done the same in the past w/o any incoming calls.)

So we were relieved they called…

but now it begged the question…

Is that the only number they will call from?

If not…can anyone PM me a set of numbers they may call from?
(or post in this thread if that’s appropriate)

We’d like to get the #'s programmed into our phones…
So that we would know in the future whether to answer.
(Especially if we’re away from the home & may not notice the other notifications…)

The incoming number should always be the one we share with you in your welcome email. Was the number different?

Also I am assuming that when you previously tested without calls, that was because your were following the instructions in that email to test while your account was on test mode and it has since removed it from test mode?

Oh…perfect Amanda!

Yes…I now see that number in the welcome email.
(that email wasn’t fully digested, due to the craziness when I first setup service)

As far as test mode…
I also see now the following in that email:
your central station account is currently on test, scheduled to end next Wednesday, the 29th

Makes 100% sense now…because we’ve triggered it several times since then.

Thank you VERY much for the above info!

So a quick follow-up question…

I currently have a few motion sensors in rooms that our children will occasionally trip in the morning, prior to anyone else waking up.
They’re learning to remember to disarm…
(We set it to “away” at night…because we have a large home and need several motion sensors monitoring areas we wouldn’t hear activity in.)

but moving forward…will we receive a central station call EVERY time that alarm is tripped?
(which is fine…even more motivation to get the kids fully trained up quickly)

Thank you Amanda!!

Yes. If you have central station monitoring and it has not been placed on test mode, every time the alarm goes off it will be treated as such and the central station will start the calling process.

FYI My test mode time expired and, per email instructions, I called the suretyCAM CMS and was able to extend the test period. Be aware that they only extend it in periods of 72 hours. This isn’t really a problem but just be aware of it.