Central Station Delay

My wife forgot to disable the panel this morning before letting the dog out which triggered an alarm at 7:07am. I immediately received a text on my phone and the time shows correctly in my alarm.com account, however I didn’t get a call from central station monitoring until 7:32am which is when they said it came through to them. Any idea what would cause this delay?

There are no settings which would cause such a thing, so this would be caused by a transmission error somewhere between ADC and the central station most likely, a server or carrier error possibly.

Looking at your history I can confirm the times do not align. I’ve not actually seen this before so I am making guesses based on history of the two, and we will need to investigate with the Central Station and ADC to determine the root cause. We will update this thread when we have info.

It may be helpful to see if we can recreate this activity on your account. If you are able to test, you can place your account on test mode with the central station through your System Manager in the Surety dashboard here, and then set off an alarm locally that will be disregarded by operators. The signal history can tell us if the issue occurs again.

Let us know if you are able to try that test.

OK Thanks. I am not able to test until this evening.

Not a problem, we will take a look at history when it is completed.

For what it is worth I requested a round-trip cell test from your communication module and it replied immediately, and that communication test was received by the central station right when it occurred, so the issue does not persist, at least in general with signaling.