Central Monitoring Password

I am in the process of switching from another Alarm.com provider and have already purchased the Surety Home package. I was directed to fill out the Surety Account page, but I am not able to submit the form. The only field that I have not completed is the Central Monitoring Password which I do not know and I don’t see where I am supposed to get this information.

What are my next steps to get set up? Thanks

The central station monitoring password is the verbal password you wish to use with the central station operators. This can be edited later in your system manager, but is required for setup.

Enter a password of your choosing.

Thank you. I have updated that field but it still does not let me submit the form. Is it possible that my order has not completed yet and I just need to wait for confirmation that is is complete?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Happy to help. It looks like there is a validation issue reported for the phone number in your order. I’m putting in a ticket to our IT team to make sure the validation errors are prominently displayed for users.

Double check the Primary Phone field on your form.

I checked everywhere I could find with my number and it was correct. I removed the 1 from the beginning thinking that may be the issue, but I still cannot submit the form. I’ll wait to see if this changes.

Please be sure to navigate to your System Manager and check the Primary Phone field.

There is an email address typed into the Primary Phone field on the form as it stands, not a phone number.

Are you seeing something different?

Wow. I’ll chalk that up to multitasking. Thank you

Happy to help, not a problem! I’m going to have IT improve the validation and feedback on the form. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Solved. Thanks We should be able to change the subject of this thread from what it is to Blatant user “error”!