Cellular upgrade failed

Ordered new 4g cellular card to upgrade panel as reccomended. Followed instructions including attaching two antennas. Numerous attempts to connect have failed.

Attempted to reinstall old card, but will not allow me to register a 3g card now.

Please help!

When swapping the module on the GC2, was the panel completely powered down?

Let’s try to troubleshoot that new LTE module. Can you send me the IMEI in private message off the module sticker? I’ll verify that is accurate on the account.

Power down the system for 5 minutes, insert the new LTE module, make sure it is firmly connected and then plug in the battery, close it up and plug in the power supply.

Wait 5 minutes after boot up, then run a cell test. Let me know what you see.

Ok I have installed and reinstalled several times but not waiting 5 minutes. I will try that. I will message you the imei.

IMEI is correct. Please let me know what you see after the other steps. Please leave the module installed after testing and we will go from there

Hello, I received the new cellular card for the defective one and installed it today. It has the same exact issue with the same error displayed.

I just finished the other troubleshooting tips you gave me for the last card, waiting 5 minutes and the walk test 3 times and wait 10 minutes and failed again. Please reinstate the iemi for my old card so I can re install it…thank you

I am sorry to hear that. I just created a new Private Message asking some additional questions. As the answers contain potentially sensitive information, I have kept it off the public forum. Please respond there if able.