Cellular Issues on panel.

Cellular service is not operating, although there is no indication of such on the panel.

Discovered by app being unresponsive to disarm or perform any function, and stopped receiving text alerts of sensor activity since yesterday afternoon.

Ran a cell phone test from toolbox, and failed. Again, no indication symbol at panel.

Please provide suggestions on how to proceed.

What is your current signal strength on your panel? You can check this by viewing Radio Status in the Installer Toolbox.

Have you made any physical changes to your panel recently? Have you checked to make sure the antenna is still plugged in and not come loose?

Have you power cycled the panel to troubleshoot? I would recommend power cycling the panel. Power it down completely for 2 full minutes then power it back up, battery first then AC. Wait for five minutes and then run a cell test.

Thanks for your suggestions, which I tried earlier this morning. I have since found out there may be an issue with Verizon service. Do you have a way to confirm this?
After power cycling and reseating the antennae, the panel now has Jan 1 date. I am not finding the radio status button in the toolbox, just the cell phone test.

We can check with ADC to see if others in the area are experiencing issues.

Just as a check before moving on with troubleshooting, do you have a cell network extender in your home? These can cause problems if the panel module is not properly added to the whitelist.

Radio Status is bottom left button when first entering installer toolbox (logo in bottom right of home screen, installer code)

Jason: Thanks for your reply. No extender in use at this property.
See attached images.
Please let me know what you find out.

Resized photos:

Well, we can try to re-initialize the connection with the tower. a PDP error is typically more common when first setting up, so it is a little strange.

Can you try the following:

within one minute:

press Walk Test, Cancel, Walk Test, Cancel, Walk Test, Cancel (3 times, cancelling immediately) then run a cell phone test.

Wait fifteen minutes:

Run one more cell test.

(walk test is found on same page as radio status button, when entering installer toolbox)

Followed your instructions. However, cell phone test failed.
I understand from some that use Verizon as their cell phone service provider, that there is an issue and perhaps its related to the current Verizon strike which is ongoing. Can you continue to inquire if indeed there is a Verizon issue? I have another provider for my own cell phone carrier and having no issue.

ADC is looking into it with Verizon but there do not appear to be other issues in the area.

Can you try one more cell test now?

I’m on an appointment, and will do so later on when I return.
In the interim, Not familiar with the reliability of info; see http://downdetector.com/status/verizon-wireless/map/
This site reflects a cell coverage issue.
Since it’s now been over 24 hour period without coverage, if we’re unable to restore with the next test, perhaps you can give thought to another alternative to make operational? Be back with a further update after test is performed.

Keep in mind phone coverage data does not correlate well with machine to machine CDMA coverage. The same problems to not always apply.

ADC is working with Verizon to look into this account specifically. Getting an update for you now.

As an update, alarm.com has escalated this to Verizon today. Verizon attempted to reconnect and establish new communication with the module. The module does not yet look to be signalling. Can you try one more power cycle, leave the panel powered off for a few minutes, then power up and try a couple more comm tests.

Verizon has found no widespread issues with CDMA in the area

Following your instruction from 6:11 message and will report back.

Powered down, and back up. Ran tests, and failed each time. Tried the three step again you suggested earlier today. Still failed.
Please advise of next steps.

Good Morning, look forward to hearing back on how to get system operational again.

Based on follow ups with Verizon, all evidence points to the module having malfunctioned and the radio unable to communicate. No issues in the immediate or general area from other users have been found. (users connecting to the same tower)

If further power cycle does not resolve the issue, it looks like another module will be required.

Jason, since there’s currently no functionality, let’s get the new module expedited to restore connectivity.
Does the current one come back to you for testing?

The general return policy can be found here. I looked into this one and it looks like it is a little over two years old, which unfortunately would be out of warranty. (cell module warranty is 1 year from manufacturer)

New modules are available here (if sticking with verizon) or here (for ATT).