Cellular Issues on 2GIG panel.

Panel not responding to mobile app. Says it quit responding yesterday morning. At quick glance the panel looks ok.

We deactivated the alarm yesterday from the panel because the mobile app says Panel - Not Responding. Is it the cellular connection on the panel that is down? Where should I start troubleshooting? Thank you!

Have you attempted to power cycle the panel? Start by unplugging the AC power, then open the panel and unplug the internal battery. wait about 2-3 minutes, then plug the battery back in followed by plugging the transformer back in.

Did this fix your connectivity issues?

According to our records it would appear that your system is still using a 2G Cellular Module. The 2G Cellular Module is likely the cause of your communication issues due to 2G modules being phased out otherwise known as the 2G sunset.

As more areas are losing 2G communication methods, we are seeing more customers with similar communication issues. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a 3G Cellular Module. We will check with Alarm.com to see if other customers are experiencing issues related to this nearby.

We offer both AT&T and Verizon Modules and you should use this Coverage Check Tool to help you determine which carrier offers the best coverage for your area.